Preston W. Bennett, Vice President

This brief profile will hardly do justice to this accomplished leader, businessman and civic volunteer. After you meet Preston, two words stand-out among his outstanding attributes: SEMPER FIDELIS! In whatever endeavor Preston has undertaken, his faithfulness to the tasks and challenges at-hand define him. That dedication was deep inside Preston even before he joined the US Marine Corps where it grew tremendously in intensity.

His passions, interests and enthusiasm for life has spanned a lifetime of incredible diversity. Academically, his degrees in Technical Management and Computer Networking were foundations for a career as a “serial entrepreneur” as he describes himself. Among his great entrepreneurial successes:

  • President of American Capital Credit, Inc., providing financing & consulting for small businesses
  • President of Corporate Kennels -- an award winning canine training firm -- that prepares dogs for police work, personal protection, security, and for DEA narcotics detection
  • Certified & Licensed to operate a security agency in the State of Washington
  • A successful Licensed Private Investigator
  • Formed an Equipment Leasing business
  • Established a successful Vending Machine venture

One might think Preston had time for little else. You would be wrong. His service to the communities where he has lived and worked is equally impressive, among them:

  • Member of Rotary, Toastmasters and Masonry in two states
  • Member of the Marine Corps League and Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Explorer Group (subsidiary of Boy Scouts) leader in Dog training
  • Basketball coach and mentor of youth and young entrepreneurs

And most exciting for Thai Legal Protection (TLP) is Preston’s 20-year association with Legal Shield, the leading legal protection firm in the USA. David Lam, President of TLP, was enthusiastic when Preston agreed to join the TLP family. “We could not have found a better prepared and more qualified Vice President for TLP. I’m absolutely delighted”, David remarked. Preston was equally pleased, saying, “I’m thrilled to be part of Thai Legal Protection!” Preston’s lifelong faithfulness is now going to benefit Thailand!

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